Absolutely! Have a little fun and send a friend a chocolate peen!
Once your order has shipped, we will send you an email with tracking information.
Since all of our chocolate is made fresh, orders are shipped within one to two days.
We don't store any credit card information, only customers' address and registration info in our secure database for the sole purpose of delivery and placement of orders. That's it. Your personal data will never be used for any other reason. We take your privacy very seriously and will never sell or trade your personal information to any third party organizations.
Although the exposure from social media would benefit the brand greatly, we made a morally conscious decision to stay away from it. As technology continues to evolve, and, as more and more data is being harvested and sold (which ultimately leads to less and less privacy), we, at Eat Dick, simply feel like we cannot support companies like Facebook, Instagram, and generally speaking, anything that Mark Zuckerburg is involved in.